Canada Winter Games Nova Scotia Ringette Team

Team Captain Lauren Morse leads the pack during a warm-up before hitting the ice. December 2010

Ali Van Loon (D) does extra stretches before a Saturday night practice at the Dalhousie Memorial Arena. December 2010

Coach Brent Dempsey holds a stick and a stack of rings, the basic gear needed to play the sport. November 2010

Lily Barton (F) makes an attempt to score on goalie Sarah Burry. January 2011

Lauren Morse (F) and the team listen to Coach Dempsey as he demonstrates an offensive tactic. November 2010

Coach Steve Fowler gives goalie Breagh Harrie a few pointers. December 2010

Team Captain Morse uses the board as she suggests other ways to which they can run the play. January 2011

A ring flies past Sarah Burry as she practices her goal tending. November 2010

Assistant Captain Lily Barton screams with joy as she and the team are presented with their complete uniforms.

Coach Brent Dempsey sets the game-plan for the team during a practice game against the Nova Scotia team (all ages). January 2011

Brittany Avery (F) tries to get past Team New Brunswick’s defense in Nova Scotia's first game for the CWG. February 2011

Ellen Fraser (D), Taylor Dempsey (F) and Team Captain Lauren Morse (F) celebrate as Morgan McLellan (F) scores a goal. February 2011

Supporters of team Nova Scotia celebrate as their team scores a goal in the second period. February 2011

Team NS waves to the crowd after winning their first match of the tournament against rival New Brunswick (8-5). February 2011